Asset Registrar

The Asset Registrar is a smart contract which supports all deployed, live Melon Funds. Its purpose is to enumerate all investment-eligible assets tokens for Melon Funds. Subsequent modules check if an asset is registered before performing different operations.

The Asset Registrar stores data about each investment-eligible asset on-chain.


The Asset Registrar holds the following public mapping:

mapping (address => Asset) public information;

Asset Definition

The Asset Registrar is primarily a smart contract to hold and provide maintenance infrastructure for a list of investment-eligible assets. Assets have the following characteristics:

Name Type Description
ofAsset address The contract address of the token Asset
name bytes32 Human-readable name of the Asset as found in the ERC223 token standard
symbol bytes8 Human-readable symbol of the Asset as found in ERC223 token standard
decimal uint Precision specified as the number of decimals
url string url address for Asset’s extended information
ipfsHash string ipfs address for Asset’s extended information
chainId bytes32 Chain where the asset resides
breakIn address Address of break-in contract on destination chain
breakOut address Address of break-out contract on the native chain

Future versions may define in a standardized way, asset classification or type attributes (or an array of attributes).

Function Interaction

The owner can interact with the Asset Registrar in the following ways:

The public can view-interact with the Asset Registrar in the following ways: